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Meet our staff

Anastasija Tedmus


Anastasija is a mother of three and the founder and director of Little Dolphin Child Care. She is passionate about helping children and providing them with a safe, comfortable and fun environment for their educational and social skills development and growth. She has plenty of love and care to share with her kids and other children who choose to attend her daycare. 

Anastasija has lots of experience working with children ranging in ages from birth to 14 years old. She is CPR/AED/FIRST AID certified. She loves what she does!

Janina Jancevica


Janina is a mother of two  children and has three grandchildren. She is an outgoing, smart, caring and loving individual who takes care of Little Dolphin Child Care children as her own. 

She makes sure that the food they have is nutritionally well-balanced, their needs are met, and they continue to grow and develop in a safe and fun environment. 

She is CPR/AED/FIRST AID certified. She is always ready to help children with whatever their needs might be. 

Megan Thompson


Megan is a very dedicated employee and absolutely loves what she does. She has been with Little Dolphin Child Care over 3 years and has earned children's love. Parents love her as well. She is patient and loving with every child in our care and provides children with fun and safe activities. She loves to read books, make projects, do our morning workouts with children and more. 

She is CPR/AED/FIRST AID certified. 

She always puts children's needs first and helps them in all areas of learning and development. 

Mr. Paul (musician)


Mr. Paul has been providing music enrichment  to children at Little Dolphin Child Care for 4 years now. He also works with many other daycares, centers and programs. Children absolutely love Mr. Paul and his fun, rhythmic style of sharing music. They get to play different instruments, sing songs and dance. Mr. Paul participates in our events like Christmas, Easter and other. He is very passionate about music and absolutely loves teaching kids. We are lucky to have him come to our daycare every other week and provide such an awesome experience to our children.